Airport "Lisičiji Jarak", Belgrade

Airport “Lisičji Jarak” is located 9 km from the center of Belgrade in the direction of Zrenjanin, on the Zrenjanin road, about 3 km from Borča.

Address: Zrenjaninski put bb
Coordinates: 44°56'13.05"N 20°26'33.20"E

Public transport lines:
101 (Omladinski stadion - Padinska skela)
102 (Vrbovski - Padinska skela)
107 (Dunavac - Padinska skela)
109 (Čenta - Padinska skela)
110 (Opovo - Padinska skela)

Belgrade international airport

Belgrade airport is located 18 km west of the center of Belgrade, next to the Belgrade-Zagreb highway (E-70).

Address: Highway E-70
Coordinates: 44°49'10"N 20°18'25"E

Public transport lines that pass close to the airport:
072 (Zeleni venac - Aerodrom Nikola Tesla)
607 (Novi Beograd - Surčin)
611 (Zemun - Dobanovci)
711 (Novi Beograd - Ugrinovci)

Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia

The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, situated in the heart of Belgrade, is the national regulatory body responsible for overseeing and ensuring safe and efficient civil aviation operations in Serbia.

Address: Skadarska 23, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Coordinates: 44°49'8.112"N 20°27'35.928"E

Telephone: +381 11 292 70 00
Fax: +381 11 311 75 79
Email: dgca@cad.gov.rs
Website: www.cad.gov.rs

Medical centers

In Serbia, medical centers designated for pilots, known as Aviation Medical Examiners, are responsible for assessing and certifying the medical fitness of pilots to ensure their ability to safely operate aircraft.

Aeromedical center RS-AeMC/002

Initial issuance, revalidations and renewal - Classes 1, 2, 3, LAPL, SS

Address: Building of Air Serbia's school center, Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade
Telephone: +381 11 267 57 74

NPA Medical Center

Revalidations and renewals - Classes 1, 3
Initial issuance, revalidations and renewal - Classes 2, LAPL, SS

Medical examiner: Mr sci. Dr med. Zvonko Šundrić
Address: Kaplara Momčila Gavrića 12, Belgrade
Telephone: +381 63 26 66 77; +381 11 409 23 20

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