Private Pilot Licence, PPL (A)




The aim of the PPL (A) course is to train the student pilot to fly safely and efficiently under visual flight rules (VFR).

Student must have at least 17 years of age to access training with the consent of a parent.
Student must have completed a minimum or to start high school.


The holder of a private pilot license - PPL (A) are to act as PIC or co-pilot  free of charge to aircraft or motor gliders - TMG on non-commercial flights.
Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, the holders of private pilot license - PPL (A) who has the right to do the instructor or examiner may receive compensation for:
1) conduct training for licensed pilots of light aircraft airplanes - LAPL (A) or licensed private pilot and - PPL (A);
2) conducting practical tests and proficiency checks for the above licenses;
3) all other work that has rights to perform based on enrollment and certification authority of the above license.

Training Plan

Training consists of:
1 Theoretical teaching
2 exams in courses of theoretical instruction,
3 Training on the ground and
4 Training in the air.

Number of hours of theoretical training is a 120 (teaching hour is 60 minutes).
Examination in the subjects of lectures are conducted after completion of each of the theoretical subjects

Complete training for the profession of private pilot on aircraft lasts for 3 months depending of meteorological factors, time of year, regular and student engagement during training wich can  affect total duration of training.

Course is according with EASA regulations, licences are in PART.FCL.




Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
Commercial Pilot Lience CPL(A)
Instructer Rating Single Engine IR(A)
Air Transport Pilot Lience ATPL(A)
Flight Instructer FI(A)


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Input requirementsi...

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