Flight Instructer, FI (A) Modular course



The aim of the course is to train candidates in theory and practice to successfully instruct for a PPL (A), CPL (A), single-engine class / type, and, if applicable, for training in night conditions.FI (A) course should specifically highlight the role of the individual in relation to the importance of human factors and man-machine interaction with theoretical knowledge. Special attention should be given to the candidate's maturity and understanding of the assessment, including adults, their attitudes and different levels of education.

During the course, the applicant shall be advised of his power compared to flight safety. Improving understanding of security should be the main goal of the training course. The main importance of this course is to focus on training that will give the candidate knowledge, skills and the required level needed for mission flight instructor.

Entrance Requirements

a) Before proceeding to an approved course of training for a FI (A) the applicant must:
b) be a minimum of 18 years.
c) has completed at least 10 hours of practical training in the appropriate category of aircraft, of which not more than five hours may be instrument rating for the synthetic flight (FSTD);
d) achieved 20 hours of en route flying by visual flight rules (VFR) in the appropriate category of aircraft as PIC;
e) the holder of at least a commercial pilot license - CPL (A);
f) the holder of at least private pilot license - PPL (A):
g) To fulfill the theoretical knowledge CPL (CPL), except in the case of a flight instructor airplane - FI (A) to conduct a training on light aircraft pilot license (airplane) - LAPL (A);
h) completed at least 200 hours of flight time in airplanes and motor boats - TMG, of which 150 hours as PIC;
i) completed at least 30 hours on single-engine piston powered airplanes of which at least five hours for a period of six months immediately preceding the flight tests before the training as prescribed in FCL.930.FI (a)
j) is achieved Shuttle flights under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) as PIC, including a flight of at least 540 km (300 NM) in the training where running full stop landings at two different aerodromes;
k) Note:
l) An applicant for a flight instructor certificate (FI) must pass before the start of training for instructors specific test flight with flight instructor (FI), which is qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI (i) for a period of six months preceding the start of training. Checking in flight before the training must be based on the proficiency check for a rating for the class and type, as defined in Appendix 9 of this Annex.

1 Theoretical training:
1 25 hrs teaching and learning
2 Minimum of 100 hours of lectures, which include instructions for flying and progress test

2 Training in air:
At least 30 hours of practical training, of which 25 hours must be dual instruction, and of which five hours can be recorded on the device for a full simulation of the flight (FFS), flight training device - navigation procedures (FNPT I or II) or flying trainers (FTD 2/3);

Duration time is aproximetlly  3 - 6 months depending on meteorological factors, time of year, regular and engaging candidates during training wich can affect total duration of the training.

Course is according with EASA regulations, licences are in PART.FCL.





Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
Commercial Pilot Lience CPL(A)
Instructer Rating Single Engine IR(A)
Air Transport Pilot Lience ATPL(A)
Flight Instructer FI(A)


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