Air Transport Pilot Licence, ATPL (A) Modular course



The aim of the ATPL (A) modular training program is to train candidates to the theoretical level of proficiency necessary for the issue of an ATPL (A).

Training for ATPL modular courses can be accessed candidate:

2 is older than 21 years.
3 be at least a private pilot license (PPL (A)), which is issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention
4 If a minimum high school educated
5 Hold a valid medical certificate class I
6 Prior to the course, "Pegasus Pilot Academy" must check out through the entrance test to see if the candidate has sufficient knowledge of:

- Mathematics
- Physics
- English language (if it does not meet the level of English required to enroll in additional classes within the "Pegasus Pilot Academy"

To be able to follow and understand the theoretical classes Covered Course

The training program must include theoretical training to the level of knowledge acquisition (ATPL (A));

Number of hours of theoretical training is a 659 (teaching hour is 60 min)

Theoretical training for the ATPL (A) for the candidate with the PPL (A) is 24 Week (6 months), the candidate with the CPL (A) or an IR lasts 17 weeks (4 months), a candidate for the CPL (A) and powers IR lasts 12 weeks (3 months), the 5 hours of instruction per day.

Course is according with EASA regulations, licences are in PART.FCL.




Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
Commercial Pilot Lience CPL(A)
Instructer Rating Single Engine IR(A)
Air Transport Pilot Lience ATPL(A)
Flight Instructer FI(A)


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