Tandem jump


Tandem jumpOn this page you will be able to find out what is a tandem parachute jump, and how it unfolds.
You'll also be able to at least partly to find out what you experience awaiting.
And believe me - usually not in the least!



So ... you have decided to make life more interesting ... And certainly you have notthought of in order to be able to do ... Well, more interesting than this you will neverget! How about a jump from a perfectly proper aircraft from a height of over 3,000meters, sudden loss of height from a few seconds, a speed of 200 km / h, and the strongest rush of adrenaline into the veins that have ever felt? Sounds tempting? Then you're in the right place! Here you can find information about what is a tandemparachute jump around and realize that this is something the craziest you'll ever do inlife. You will realize also that after that nothing, but nothing in life will not be the same ...You will be different from "ordinary" people. You will feel something that not many peoplearound the world has a chance to feel ... You will feel so much freedom and pleasure thatyou have not had any one occasion. This is as close as we'll be living for God. You will feel the sky.


jump02Jumping from a variety of aircraft used to be very strange, even potentially dangerous.During its history, people have tried in various ways to freely jump out of aircraft andperfectly safe to go down to Earth. Today it is safe to the extent that the chances thatyou are anything adverse happens to jump reduced to parts per thousand. Let's sayyou are more likely (statistically speaking) to get a week on Lotto-in, or (God forbid) diein a car accident on his way to the airport. The risk is certainly there. But the risk in what sense? You probably drive a car. The moment when you sit in the car, even to go to a shorter route there is a danger that you have (again we say God forbid) accident. But because no one will stop using the car is not it? The same with this issue. Even as we said, the chances for something to happen less than in the above case. The problemwith most people is that they believe that is widely accepted that all drive a car, but isunusual (admittedly true) that people jump from a plane ... But as in the previous case,this does not mean that you will not. Is not it? And again we must return to oneundeniable fact. Each second jump will be etched into every part of the brain, in everypore of the body. Sense of perfect stillness and union with the element that most of ourplanet (air), the opening of a parachute I something that will "roll up" on the head for a long, long time after the jump. And if your memory in any way fade, when the jump will definitely be recorded with the camera, so that you can insert the DVD into your player,and remind the craziest adventures in life. As for general safety concerns, it's nice oncesaid with a smile tandem instructor Paul oft "The only danger in the sport that you reallyenjoy. Then as we pass. You have a parachute and nothing else in the house ..."

Preparing to jump

jump04And how do you perform a jump? Before you decide, read frequently asked questions.Very simple. If there is no preferred time would you like to jump, please contact us viathe link application, so that we can meet your needs and perform a jump with you whenit suits you. Before that, and promotional video about tandem jumps in Serbia. You have decided you want? From that moment on, begin your preparations. Come to theairport. Depending on how many passengers is the day, you may have to wait a bit (an hour or two), and if not, preparations will begin immediately. Preparations include a brieftraining by an instructor, who will explain what you should do during the jump. No, do not worry, you will not have you all to work! On the contrary. The instructor will teachyou just what to do on the plane, and of course it will dispel all fears (if any). Believe me,all this is done many times, and it is very safe. After the "ground" of preparation, theinstructor will go to the aircraft from which you will jump out and provežbati separated from the aircraft on it, while on earth. And - this is it! You're ready to jump. From here you receive adequate training (coveralls) when it is cold, and adequate protection for the head (hard or soft helmet). On earth will the instructor set up a system of communications to you, which will be attached to him throughout the jump. No, do notworry ... You will not fall out. Communication system that you wear on it is built towithstand 10 times more weight (even when opening a parachute) than yours. And now... 


There have been many attempts to explain the feeling of jumping, destruction, speedand looked below him in the fall. No one has ever managed to explain it, so we do notcherish the hope that we will succeed. It's just something that you will have toexperience. And unfortunately, never anyone you can not explain. It will only be by the end of your life. Will understand only with people who "fly". Only they will be able tounderstand what was going through your body, and what matters is your brain thinking.How lucky you are experienced in those few minutes, how much adrenaline, how manysituations that you will never ever be able to feel it again, except to jump. Perhaps the best description of the jump came from one of the fathers of parachute jumpingLeonardo Da Vinci.

"Once you feel the JUMP,
You walk on earth, eyes staring at the sky,
WHERE have you been, and where plan to go back ... "
Without a doubt true. In each segment. But we try ...

Tandem jump

The plane. Burning engines, propellers are turning ... Rula plane to the runway andcomplaining ... Takeoff. There is a stah ... The plane rises a few feet ... Few hundredmeters from the ground. But you are not alone! On the plane with you is still threeparatroopers. Hands on their altimeter turn for the worse ... They are laughing in theireyes you see are eager to jump, as they were nestpljivi that first kiss your loved one.They ask you that? Where are you from? So what's new? Quite ordinary things. So from that moment you are part of us. Our society. Parachutists on the plane you shoot theircameras and photo - cameras mounted on helmets. Smiling at the ... Somewhatwistfully. We regret that such an excitement that you have now and we feel we aresometimes ... For the first time ...



The view provides the clouds you breath away ... And they are there - you can touch them. I will. Just a little bit. At one point the pilot of the rising two fingers in the air in a "V", and says: "Two minutes!". Two more minutes! The body is shaking ... I do notknow what awaits you ... "What do I need this?" - will ring in my ears ... Suddenly, the pilot has reached out to latch the door and turns the aircraft. Doors fly away at the top,where they stop. The doors are open! Wind enters noisily into the cabin. Parachutistswelcome greeting by touching their hands on the only known way to them. The cameraman who recorded the pressure you click on the helmet. In front of his eyes you see the indicator is red. Saves you! He throws his head through the open door and says"OK". The first skydiver fits the slipper. He turns to you and show you the thumbsturned up! This man is not normal! Suddenly, his body disappears into the void! He jumped! The man jumped!




Another paratrooper slipper fits on the aircraft, the struts holding the wings and legs tolet more. "Well, this just is not normal! hanging on the wing!" - you go through your head. Parachutist raises one hand, welcomes you, and goes the way of clouds!Cameraman comes out, gets the slipper, the struts holding the wings and waiting ...Waiting for you! The instructor is with you, slowly approaching the exit and slippers.Expelling the legs out. Wind carries them, but you return to the stable support. Outsideyou! Cameramen watching you continuously recorded and laughs!. Instructor catchesyou in the head and pulls you head back. You hear shouting "bends". I immediately thenhear: "READY ... SET ... GO !!!!" You have not even heard of this "GO" to be, and you realize that your body is moving at enormous speed - down! Not sure, but you feel thatyou have one point in the fall of the view plane that was provided as - such a sense of security during last 30 minutes, so fly away ... THAT'S IT! We still do not know what's happeningaround you and the wind is roaring like never in my life. All of a sudden - you feel thatyou are floating! You lie on the air! Look below you. See the country! See the beautifulpanorama. Calculate how fast it is coming ... "Well this is not as fast as I imagined by" -you think you are. Suddenly, you do it is something close to you, to see a body thatmoves as fast as you. So this is a cameraman! He came to us! The cameraman is getting closer, and you can not believe that it is so close. He flies in front of your eyes, only half a meter. He looks at you. At one point he laughs, and gives you hands! Catch the cameraman's hand and waving it to you! Lets you back up and two feet in the back.



 Suddenly you feel as a strong force pulling upward. Very slowly, but you still pull. The cameraman who like to laugh, slowly begins to sink beneath you. On the head with your feet up! He raises the hand and shows you two fingers in a "V". "What now?" - Youthink. The difference in height between you and the cameraman growing up. He moreand more quickly sinking down ... "Look down!" - yells the instructor. And you see ...parachutist in free fall, a sight that you've never seen live ... His body is reduced and inone moment you see colorful piece of silk beneath him. The cameraman's chute opened!And then you realize that your padoban already open! So it was this force that drew up,but so softly that you did not even realize practically what is happening.


Under the dome



I only now realize that the perfect silence around you ... You only hear the gentle sound of the wind, and that's it. No one cries, puppies do not bark, they do not hear the carengines and airplanes ... just perfect silence ... You can not believe that this happens ...you hear the voice behind "A? How is it?". It is the voice of your best friend that day. Itis a voice instructor who keeps you connected to yourself. I do not believe in what you see. The scene that stretches beneath you is not fantastic, but most fantastic sightyou've ever seen! No noise, no nothing, just you and an instructor in the void, with a huge white dome over your head. Nirvana ... The unity of your body to the sky ... Nowyou know the saying you heard down on the ground, which you thought was a"Parachute fora, " not without merit. "Only skydivers know why birds sing ..." - will ringin my ears. The country is approaching slowly. Stats realize that all these planes ordereddown, and you actually see perfectly, from which airport you flew on the landing. You start to make out the people, planes, cars ...




Parachute instructor turned towards clearing in which stands a man with a piece of silk in his hands. So he is a cameraman! It captures your landing. You hear a voice behind him, "Stretch your legs!" Catch overalls in the region of thighs and pulling her legs up."Opaaaaaaaa!" - Hear back. Have landed! Unbelievable! As you move the bed. Or jumped from the chair. Cameraman runs up and leaning over you. I still see the red indicator in front of his eyes. "O God, for we have come to earth!" - Think to yourself ... But ... The instructor asks you untying and what it was. You can not get to the words. Would like to say something but the words just do not come out of his mouth ... The air will not enter the lungs ... Suddenly ... Open mouth, breathing in the air and scream with all my heart! They approach you with paratroopers, those same people who were with you on the plane, the moment before you experienced - what? How sad that describe?Congratulations. Smiling at the ... Is it still true that you have at first thought it was good that you could not wait to land in the country? Lifting view of the above ... You can not believe that so many of your sky a few minutes ... You are now a skydiver!!

Perhaps it should not write in this way, but we are sure that before these items have to give a few introductory remarks. Experience that you will try, probably something you do once in a lifetime. How much is this? Could it have cost? Unfortunately, yes. You must understand that all the extreme sports are not common. They can not train in the yard or elsewhere. Only in places strictly laid down for it. Accordingly, the price jump includes a place for you, the instructor, and possibly a cameraman. Preparing for your jump, as well as a certificate, T-shirts and a possible DVD are also included. So one moment you opt for the greatest adventure in your life you choose a package that suits you.

Tandem jump from 3,000 meters

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Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
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