Become a pilot!

Profesionalni Pilot Tamara Acimcev Have you ever thought that you are the one person who flies a blue sky and the radio link is pronounced "Ready For Take Off"
We are, we flew from cloud to cloud, and so we know what means to fly, what it means to secure the love ...
Love the height, the sky, the border of reality and excitement, this is why we feel the only way we can.

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Building hours

Panoramski let Block Hour Discounts:
If you sign up for 50 hour block,you will pay for all 50 hours of flight with discount and fly it when You want making a deal with Your.

Our fleet of aircraft:
Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 182,
, Piper Seneca PA-34

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Tandem jump

Tandem skok How about a jump from a perfectly proper plane with a height of over 3,000 meters, the sudden loss of altitude of a few seconds, a speed of 200 km / h, and the strongest rush of adrenaline in the veins that have ever felt? Sounds tempting?

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Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
Commercial Pilot Lience CPL(A)
Instructer Rating Single Engine IR(A)
Air Transport Pilot Lience ATPL(A)
Flight Instructer FI(A)


Course objective...
Input requirementsi...

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Where we are?

Aerodrom lisiciji jarak Beograd
Basic airport: Lisičiji Jarak LYBJ
Zrenjaninski put b.b.
11213 Belgrade

Phone: +38163 509 467