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Since its inception in 1992, Pegaz Pilot Academy has grown considerably in size and reputation and has attracted favorable media interest. We have developed a reputation for offering quality instruction, a friendly atmosphere and a good value.
The people who operate Pegaz Pilot Academy have a wealth of knowledge in the aviation industry. Years of experience teaching pilots, thousands of hours of flying makes the staff at Pegaz Pilot Academy specially equiped to teaching students.

Furthermore, an informal and friendly atmosphere provides a pleasant enviroment in which the student is encouraged to expand his or her horizons beyond merely meeting requirements of the

PART. FCL regulations.
Pegaz Pilot Academy  is located on the Belgrade airport "Lisičiji Jarak", only 15 kilometres from town of Belgrade, capital of Serbia and at the same air distance from International airport "Belgrade" - Surcin, equiped for Cat.II landings.


Approval Certificate Pegaz Pilot Academy SRB/ATO-008


OWNER: Ivan Aćimčev
Mr. Acimcev has a Commercial Pilot`s Licence -CPL(A), Instrument Rating- IR(A),
he is Flight Instructor FI(A) and a member of the Civil Aviation Directorate`s (CAD) panel of Examiners for Pilot`s Licences.



Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
Commercial Pilot Lience CPL(A)
Instructer Rating Single Engine IR(A)
Air Transport Pilot Lience ATPL(A)
Flight Instructer FI(A)


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Where we are?

Aerodrom lisiciji jarak Beograd
Basic airport: Lisičiji Jarak LYBJ
Zrenjaninski put b.b.
11213 Belgrade

Phone: +38163 509 467