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1. Are there any restrictions on the tandem parachute?
2. Is skydiving dangerous?
3. Is it safe??
4. How does it feel?
5. What if the parachute does not open?
6. What if there is a failure, on the reserve and the main parachutes?
7. What is the altitude of jumping out and how long is take  the free-fall?
8. How long  the plane climb till jump?
9. How does a parachute landing look like?
10. Can I  breathe in freefall?
11. Is it noisy in free fall?
12. Can I record your Tandem jump?
13. How to captures the Tandem jump?
14. What if I am afraid of heights?
15. What if I wear glasses or contact lenses?
16. Is there a sense of decay in free fall?
17. What If I am afraid of flying?
18. What to wear for the jump?
19. How much it take to jump Tandem jump?
20. Will I have a good time?
21. Can I to come with friends or family at the airport?

Question: Are there any restrictions on the tandem parachute?
Answer: You must be at least 16 years, which it proves the identity card or other document. Minors can jump with the written permission of parents. You can have 100 kg and the same time be in normal physical condition. If you want to jump, and you have more than 100 kg, please contact us first.

Question: Is skydiving dangerous?
Answer: Of course it's dangerous. Jumps from airplanes three miles above the earth. A gravity is guaranteed working. The only thing that stands between the parachute and the fatal fall om ground is a piece of nylon average sized living room. What part of the story about the danger is not clear now?

Question: Is it safe?
Answer: This is a much better question ... Parachute Club "Phoenix" has the most modern equipment tandem, which is made by the most rigorous international standards parachute. Maintenance and packaging tandem parachute instructors perform with world-renowned, professional licenses. Reserve parachutes are packed separately and meticulously and repackage in standard intervals, even though they are not opened to jump. Although skydiving is potentially risky sports, such as, for example, driving a car is potentially risky activity, we are taking all measures to ensure maximum security for you while you are at the airport. Do you think it's wise to drive a car with worn brakes and tires ...? The short answer to the initial question, that the parachute sport these days, does everything necessary to keep i as safely as possible, and  we implement all necessary procedures and steps in the entire process to parachute after you jump tandem just go with the best impressions from airport.

Question: How does it feel?
Answer: It is impossible to describe the feeling you are experiencing. There are no words to explain. The same will  tell you every person after the jump.



Question: What if the parachute doesn’t open?
Answer: Parachute failures, irregularities with opening, although very rarely, it can happen. Therefore, any parachute system on the planet, has a main and reserve parachute. If there is a failure of the main parachute in a Tandem jump, tandem instructor's task is that under the prescribed procedure  open reserve parachute.

Question: What if there is a failure, on the reserve and the main parachutes?
Answer: It means that you have a really bad day! Statistically speaking, more likely is to die in a car accident on the way to the airport. Or to win the Lotery. We don’t intend to deceive you, skydiving is a dangerous sport if you don’t take the necessary measures and procedures in the preparation and implementation before jump. We are always acting with big atention with what we  do, we eliminate potential risk factors, and we are aware of that danger may arise, but we are trained and have experience of what to do when dangerous situations arise.

Question: What is the altitude of jumping out and how long is take  the free-fall?
Answer: The height is 3000 meters and free fall from that height during the Tandem jump takes about 40 seconds, which depends on the weight and height of the jumper. After opening the parachute at about 1200 meters, the dome flight takes about 5 minutes, during which enjoys stunning view wich extends from that height. If you want to try to manage with dome, ask it  from  tandem instructor. If possible and safe at that point, the instructor will most likely allow you to experience it at some time. If he doesn’t allowed you, do not forget that tandem instruktor is professional whose job it is to worry about your safety during a Tandem jump.

Question: How long  the plane climb till jump?
Answer: The aircraft climb,  about 25 - 35 minutes to get on 3000 meters, depending on the type of aircraft. People who jump for the first time often have the impression that this time elapses much quicker than normal.


Question: How does a parachute landing look like?
Answer: During a short training session before the Tandem jump, the instructor will teach you how to properly lift the foot just before landing, that he would have his feet first touched the ground on landing. He will perform  the standard maneuver with dome which provides "soft" landing, and then hits the ground is weaker than  when you jump from a chair.

Question: Can you breathe in freefall?
Answer: At more than 200 km / h, inhalation is very easy. If you have any problems with breathing, scream and panic, because it is the one way that you can remove the air from the lungs. Thereafter, breathe again, which, as already mentioned, very easy at that speed. In short, yes, people can breathe in freefall.

Question: Is it noisy in free fall?
Answer: Yes and no. Don’t expect that will be easy to talk in free fall, but you will not need any earplugs. The only thing that  can possibly make  "problem" is not accustomed to the loud hiss of the wind. The noise is similar when you put your head out the car window. Moving fast, of course.


Question: Can I record your Tandem jump?
Answer: Yes. We offer service of photography and video recording Tandem jumps. The service includes a minimum 30 digital images and video of the tandem training, flight , the entire duration of the jump and the landing parachute. Video of the jump you can get a few days after a jump in DVD format along with digital photographs.

Question: How to captures the Tandem jump?
Answer: Very experienced and trained paratrooper leaves the plane with you (more precisely, a moment ago , after you) and falls with you. You will be recorded during the free fall and parachute opening.There will also be recorded your landing.

Question: What if I am afraid of heights?
Answer: Biger part  of the fear of heights (acrophobia) has to do with relativity. But not with Einstein's relativity, but with the perception of objects that are moving relative or in relation with each other. At 3000 meters, theground  is far down and you can’t say that you are above anything. The view is completely different from the one you get when you climb the ladder from where you can see things under and assess the distance to them. At about 700 meters, the soil becomes too far and the problem with acrophobia disappears. Do you think that a normal person, even if it was a paratrooper doesn’t afraid to stand on the edge of a building as high as 50 meters?

Question: What if I wear glasses or contact lenses?
Answer: When you jump, all skydivers parachute wear special glasses, called. brile, which protect the eyes and allow for normal functioning of sight in a free fall. And you'll have them on your tandem skydive and below them you can wear glasses or contact lenses.

Question: Is there a sense of decay in free fall?
Answer: Very briefly. The human body has left the plane at 3000 meters, reaching the so-called final velocity of fall (terminal velocity) for a few seconds. After that, there's no sense of decay (sudden loss of height) but you feel that you are lying on an air cushion.

Question: What if I am afraid of flying?

Answer: Uh, well ... It's best to call us when you get lost  that fear.

Question: What should I wear to jump?
Answer: For Tandem jumps compulsory wearing clothes with long sleeves, even in summer. The best choice is loose tracksuit or other seasonally appropriate sports clothing and snikers.

Question: How much it take to jump Tandem jump?
Answer: Depending on the number of people who jumped on the Tandem jump, your visit to the airport can take hours, and possibly a substantial part of the day. You will be required to arrive at the airport at the scheduled time, and while waiting to jump, you can enjoy watching other paratroopers jumping and tandems.

Question: Will I have a good time?
Answer: Experience the best and most exciting experience of my life so far! Nothing can compete with this. It is very likely that you'll immediately after landing want to jump  another Tandem jump, or even to get into the sport as a standalone skydiver.


Question: Can I come with friends or family at the airport?
Answer: Of course. They can monitor your training before your jump, your actual  jump and photograph you. Also, at the airport are other interesting things and aeronautical activities that may be of interest to them. It is likely that as soon as they see your excitement and satisfaction after a Tandem jump, they want to experience that also.





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